A monthly boost of peace awaits you.

rest - release - realign

Reiki brings release and realignment to your heart. Through the universal light energy of Reiki, we find clarity and peace to guide us forward. Guided each month to tune into your heart and tune up your life, you will gather with a community under the New Moon to infuse your heart and soul with the healing energy of Reiki. One Sunday a month, around the New Moon, we gather virtually for a meditation and then sink into receiving Reiki. This is a peaceful, private community that leans on the simplicity of meditation and energetic healing, all from the comfort of your home.

What's included in Tune In Tune Up?

  • Monthly Meditation and Distance Reiki

    includes downloadable meditation

    We gather under the energy of the New Moon on a Sunday evening, 9:00 PM EST, each month. We come together for a guided meditation and distance Reiki with Sara. The meditations are available for download the following day. These meditations are infused with Reiki to carry you through the month.

  • Energy of the Month

    includes downloadable PDFs and a digital affirmation card

    Journaling prompts as well as guidance to work and play with the energy of the month are provided to support you in gaining clarity as you walk your path. And, an affirmation corresponding to our meditation and the energy of the month is provided to support you on the go.

  • Follow-up to our session

    includes an oracle card reading

    After our virtual Reiki session, I share a written summary of our time together. As an intuitive Reiki Master, I receive informative downloads as additional guidance for the month. I wrap up the written summary with an oracle card drawing and reading.

The Journey

  • Where do we start?

    We gather for meditation via Zoom as scheduled and spend 15-20 minutes getting grounded and connecting to our hearts. The meditation differs each month although sometimes due to the nature of the energy around us, may be similar to other months.

  • then...

    I log everyone off and you rest into your space or go about your day and I send reiki to our community. You will release stagnant energy and bring in love and light energy by being open to receive. You will wake up to more clarity and peace.

  • Wrap Up

    Afterwards, I share information and an oracle card reading within each month. The meditation from our session is available for download. You also receive energetic information about the month and season, a short guide and affirmation to carry you through the month.

Tune In Tune Up Sessions

Each month is added at the beginning of the month and updated after the reiki session. Download the meditations and guides to keep you tuned in and tuned up throughout the month.

What members are saying...

I often receive notes after a session sharing how healing the meditation was or how much the messages resonate. Here are just a few of those messages...


"My heart expanded."

"I feel so connected to all."

"The perfect way to start the week!"

"I finally slept through the night and feel rested."

"I could feel the energy moving through me."


  • Do you offer a refund?

    I do not offer a refund for the month(s) that you have been charged. Given that this is a monthly membership, you may cancel your membership at anytime. If you need assistance in canceling, please reach out to Sara at sara@sarabirdnelson.com.

  • How do I log in for the meditation and reiki?

    A link to a Zoom session is included in each month. The meditation lasts approximately 15-20 minutes and starts promptly at 9:00 PM EST.

  • What if I am not home or am busy during the session?

    By joining the community, you will receive reiki during our scheduled time. I suggest you add a reminder to your calendar. Take a moment to connect to your heart and set the intention of being open to receive.

  • What does reiki feel like?

    Reiki bring a sense of balance and calm over your energetic body. You may feel a general sense of peace, a slight vibration or a sense of clarity. Or, you may feel nothing at all. That does not mean that reiki is not working. Reiki does not harm nor does it cure all. You are responsible for your well being.