Your journey...

Tuning into the energy of our home is a life long practice. I offer you this opportunity for live support as you bring Feng Shui deeper into your life. 

The Circle of Abundance includes:

  • Embrace Your Space: 20 Modules covering the foundations of Feng Shui. Included is learning how to draw your Bagua Map, detailed information on the Elements of Nature and how to bring them into your home and how to live the Feng Shui way. 
  • A seven week community call series with Sara. Each call is two hours via Zoom. This is an opportunity to ask specific questions about your home. Calls are on Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM EST. Winter session begins 2/9/22 with the last call on 3/23/22. All calls are recorded.
  • A 100+ page PDF Guide for you to create your life vision while inviting the energy of abundance into your life.
  • Downloadable Meditations for each area of your life.
  • A private community within the membership (not on social media) for continued support and sharing.
  • Email support with a 24 hour turnaround during the seven week call series.
  • Access to the course for as long as it is on this platform.
  • An opportunity to join the Nurture Your Nest Yearly Membership at the end of our call series. 

Pricing options

Pay in full or make 2 monthly payments of $210


  • Do you offer a refund?

    Because the course kicks in upon enrollment, we do not offer refunds. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please reach out to Sara at

  • I have questions about the course. Who do I contact?

    Please contact Sara by email at

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have access for as long as the course is online in this location. You may come back to the videos at anytime while the course is live. You will be notified should the course close. My wish is that you come back time and again to the information to support your journey.

  • Can I share this course with my friends?

    The purchase of this course is for individuals only. This course is under copyright. I am happy that you want to share this amazing work and I greatly appreciate referrals. Thank you for respecting my work.

  • Do you offer a Feng Shui certification?

    I do offer a certification which includes self study via this course and one on one mentoring. Please contact Sara at to schedule a time to discuss the certification.